Property Management

Villa Management Made Easy

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises and Disruptive Downtime

Make sure your guests’ utility needs are taken care of by monitoring your properties water and energy usage from your computer or smart phone. With a customized monitoring solution you will know things are running smoothly no matter where you are

Remote Cistern Management

Keep track of multiple cisterns from one easy to read dashboard.

Set custom email and text alerts to ensure guests never run out of water and you only order water when you need to.

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Learn Consumption Trends

Measure utility costs per guest to track the overhead cost of renting.

Receive alerts when energy use is too high, and make subtle adjustments to keep energy bills manageable.

Smart Energy Upgrades

Get targeted recommendations for appliance upgrades that encourage energy and water conservation.

Upgrade to smart monitoring features that allow you to set or adjust thermostats, lighting, and appliances remotely.

Lower energy use without sacrificing the luxury of your property or the comfort of your guests.

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