Whole House Monitoring

Whole House Energy Monitoring

Energy savings without sacrificing comfort

Monitoring electricity circuit by circuit can help you:

  • Zero out energy bills
  • Investigate usage spikes
  • Track appliance performance

Lower your monthly bills with energy saving tips!

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Manage Your Energy with Circuit by Circuit Monitoring

Have unusual electrical activity in your home?

Energy usage notifications will inform you when an appliance is left on or the fridge is left open to stop energy waste and keep costs down.

Energy savings alerts include:

  • Appliance performance
  • High energy consumption
  • Phantom loads
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Solve your power problems with electricity monitoring. Safety, cost and usage alerts will inform you of energy problems as they are happening, before it’s too late.

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Get safety alerts for:

  • Circuit overload danger
  • Appliance maintenance
  • Unusual electrical activity

Verify Monthly Bills Are Correct

Sometimes mistakes happen. We check your electric bill is correct each month so you can be sure you are only charged for the energy you use. For customers in the US Virgin Islands we will help handle your WAPA billing discrepancies so you get the credits you deserve.