Energy Monitoring

The cheapest &
cleanest energy is
energy we don’t use

Our electricity monitoring solutions in the Virgin Islands are designed to keep you informed on your property’s real-time energy usage 24 hours a day. You can see how much energy your property is consuming at any time from your computer or smart phone.

Energy Management

For a one time low cost you’ll be able to view

  • Energy Consumption
  • Solar Production
  • Monthly Billing Reports
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Bad wiring or broken appliances can lead to expensive electricity bills, damaged appliances, or worse!

Is your Energy Bill Too High?

Monitor your energy to detect electricity spikes and frequent power cycling problems before they become a major issue.

Energy Saving Without Sacrificing Comfort

Whole House Energy Monitoring

Understanding your circuit by circuit consumption can help:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Identify usage spikes
  • Track appliance performance

So accurate you can see the light turn on.

Learn your energy trends to recognize when your house is consuming too much power. See how small changes like turning off fans and lights can lower your energy bill.

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Property managers can monitor how much energy their renters use without ever checking the meter.

Up to 18 circuits on each device*

rental energy management

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Thinking About Renewable Energy?

Our monitoring solutions are a great first step towards energy independence.

Save money on a future solar investment by lowering your energy consumption before you size a system to meet your energy needs.