Cistern Level Monitoring

Cistern Level Monitoring

The ultimate way to monitor your cistern

Access your cistern data from anywhere and on any device.

Get online access to cistern level data from your computer or smartphone.

Set up custom text and email alerts to notify you if your property’s cistern reaches a certain level.

Know exactly when to order water without opening your cistern!

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How It Works

Your cistern level monitoring device is installed inside your cistern to monitor the percentage of water inside.

Water levels are updated online every minute.

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Monitor how much water is used or collected each day for multiple cisterns. Easily see when it rained, when you bought water, and how much water each cistern used throughout the month.

Professional Installation

Our crew will mount all the hardware, get you connected, and help you set up an online account.

You’ll be enjoying online access to your cistern levels in no time!

Multiple Properties

Custom alerts

Usage history

One time low cost

Property Management Made Easy

With cistern level monitoring you can manage customer’s cisterns without ever stepping onto their property.

Set up alerts so you can schedule deliveries before water runs out.

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